Our Story

PERCEPTION INC. was founded for providing architectural, interior designing and project management solutions that exceed beyond the expectations of our clients. The core values of the firm are to provide comprehensive, timely and fluid coordination during a projetct's design as well as execution process. These effort result in a sound design management, construction documents, reports, and clear and concise recommendations. The firm provides more than just design solutions a smooth proactive coordination process all the way.

Thoughts & Vision

It seems like a good thing for architects to put their heart and soul into the design proposals. At PERCEPTION INC, being as your as we are we see it a bit differently. It's our client's heart and soul that belongs in the architectural or interior designs we prepare for them. We believe in teaming up with our clients and support their dreams with our vision and skill-set. This facilitates us to outline innovative and responsive architectural and interior concepts within the framework of time and money - Absolutely exclusive for each client who plays a critical role in shaping the design of their projects. They aren't surprised by our designs rather they see it evolve throughout the designing process.

  • Architecture

    PERCEPTION INC'S role as design architects is to integrate the intellectual ideas of our clients into innovative design concepts and through wide-ranging reviews and dialogue.Our impetus lies in developing the approved concept into a functional, comfortable and cost-effective design solution that is climate friendly and equates to timeless aesthetic appeal and value.

  • Interior

    People spend more time indoors at their workplace, the places of entertainment or shopping and their home. In today's competitive and stressful lifestyle a cheerful, comfortable, soothing interiors and modern design concepts are more meaningful than ever.The creation of innovative and productive interior space designs is at the core of our architectural practice.

    "The ambience in your office depicts the work ethics of your company whereas your house depicts your personality"

    Francis. D. Castells

  • Graphic design

    We at PERCEPTION INC believe that any design is not a great design unless until it depicts the core values of the product, company, a person or profession or a thought /vision. Inculcating such core values into designs not only guarantees result but also guarantees an edge of satisfaction. We provide that edge.

  • Renovation

    Remodeling the existing building design & its structure involves strategic planning and precise assessment of the existing building conditions. We have developed special architectural design skills for the renovating & remodeling the designs of old structures without having to demolish the whole structure and transform the antiquated spaces and building structures into eloquent contemporary design expression.

  • Residential Design

    Our residential design work, centers on creating unique & modern house designs. We endeavour to contrive house designs which comfortably accommodate the contemporary lifestyle of the occupants, express their values and personalities, and add to the quality of life. Careful architectural detailing and a quality of interior spaces is the way we approach each unique design assignment.

  • Turnkey Project Management

    We have developed a task force of dedicated and committed personnel who are skilled to decipher and implement the design instructions with utmost precision and facilitate our client's. Our task force confirm to nothing less than the high standards of construction at competitive prices.